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  • Pure Fibre has finally reached Leeds!

    With over 200km of pure fibre digital infrastructure now available for both businesses and the public sector to utilise, Leeds is one of the most digitally-connected cities in the world. A pure fibre connection all the way to your business premises will provide you with the most advanced connectivity available in the UK - without the price tag you might expect! 

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  • Blue Logic Appoints John Woodhead

    Blue Logic, Yorkshire's leading IT solutions provider, are pleased to announce the appointment of John Woodhead as Head of Finance. Following their achievement of surpassing a £6 million turnover, and with commercial success continually building year on year, the rapidly growing IT Company will use John’s invaluable business insight to progress even further in the market, whilst simultaneously streamlining and refining financial processes.

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  • Gigabit Fibre Is Coming!

    Watch this space for more details on Leeds joining the Gigabit City revolution...

    Blue Logic has formed a partnership with Diva Telecom to provide the new generation of affordable, gigabit speed internet services. With pure fibre you will be able to unlock huge business benefits including increased productivity, efficiency and agility.

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  • Warning! Jigsaw Ransomware Threat

    Don’t get tricked into playing the game…

    Jigsaw, a new strain of cryto-ransomware, is increasingly on the rise within the UK. Named after the killer in the Saw horror films, this malware represents one of the latest entries into the ransomware family, and has only been detected by researchers as of March 2016.

    Jigsaw essentially works by encrypting user's system files, and threatening to delete them if users do not follow specific instructions and pay the 'ransom' requested.

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  • Bring Your Own Device - Part Two

    Plan for the future...

    In an increasingly mobile world, security and privacy risks are often at the forefront of many business’s concerns when considering implementing a 'Bring Your Own Device' (BYOD) policy. Taking the time to plan for and manage the entire process around implementing a mobile device policy will ensure that your company is prepared for and protected against most major security risks.   

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  • Bring Your Own Device - Part One

    Prepare for success...

    With 12.1 billion mobile devices estimated to be in use worldwide by the end of 2018, implementing a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) policy is a hot topic. However, many organisations remain cautious of fully rolling out BYOD and remote working policies, with 72% reporting that their main security concerns centre on data leakage and loss.  

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  • Join our Cyber Security Event on 25th May

    Sign up for our FREE event on Wednesday 25th May 2016

    Are you...

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  • Avoid Cyber Security Weak Spots

    Cyber crime - don't get caught out!

    With cyber-crime increasingly on the rise, there has been a significant increase in the number of companies investing in core safeguards against cyber-attacks. However, there still remains a substantial failure to address the classic mistakes and weak spots that leave businesses vulnerable to exploitation by cyber criminals. 

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  • Create a Secure Business Culture - Part 2

    Knowledge is the key to prevention...

    In the second of our two part series on creating a safe and secure business environment, we bring you further tips to aid you in avoiding the wave of cyber-crime currently sweeping the UK. 

    In response to recent highly publicised scams, data breaches and phishing attacks, many organisations are increasingly implementing core safeguards, but the challenge of cyber security is still one that many UK businesses are failing to properly address.

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  • Create a Secure Business Culture - Part 1

    Lead from the front to protect your business...

    In the UK, the rise in regularity and severity of cyber breaches continues to escalate. With a 38% growth in the number of cyber-attacks in the past year, and the cost of an average incident increasing to £1.7 million, the risks to companies’ reputations and profits are rising.

    In the first of our two part series on creating a secure business culture, we highlight some vital areas to focus on to avoid your business becoming a statistic.

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  • Don't Make Classic Cyber Security Mistakes

    Cyber-crime: It's not if, it's when!

     With 2.5 million cyber-crimes reported by the Office of National Statistics in 2015; a 38% increase in the number of incidents reported in 2014; and regular media coverage on high-profile data breaches, it is clear that cyber-crime is real and here to stay.

    One of the easiest and most effective ways to protect your business is to understand the common pitfalls that people tend to fall prey to: 

    Common Mistakes

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  • We're delighted to announce our latest Accreditations

    To ensure we're offering the best possible IT solutions to our customers, we pride ourselves on investing fully in our Consultant's skills and knowledge by providing further learning and training opportunities.

    A massive WELL DONE to the most recent team members who have put hard work and dedication into achieving their latest accreditations!

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  • IT Trends For the Legal Sector

    A technical revolution is taking place within the Legal sector, with firms realising the limitless possibilities that investing in the right IT infrastructure can bring. Spanning from Leeds to Liverpool, at Blue Logic we pride ourselves on providing a first-class IT service to many Legal organisations based within the North of England.

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  • SQL Server 2005 - End Of Life (EOL)

    SQL Server 2005 approaches end of support on 12th April 2016, and signals the end of availability for support, security updates, patches and fixes from Microsoft directly.

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  • Protect Your Business From Malicious Phishing

    With the recent spate of highly–publicised SMS and email phishing scams, it’s more important than ever to keep both yourself and your business safe from potential threats.

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  • Veeam Version 9

    Veeam Availability Suite Version 9 has been released and boasts a host of new and improved business integrations, including enhanced recovery times and advanced avoidance of data loss, providing true availability for the 'always on enterprise.' Following rigorous internal testing, we feel that this represents a truly innovative upgrade for your internal IT environment. Utilising Veeam's newest platform enables you to benefit from:  

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  • New Products and End of Life

    We love to keep you up-to-date with the latest product launches and end dates!

    The IT industry is ever - evolving, with many new products both launching and going end of life (EOL) over the next two years. As trusted IT experts, keeping up-to-date with new launches and end dates is essential to our great service strategy - that's why we've put together the helpful infographic below:


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  • Autotask Endpoint Management

    We're delighted to announce we're upgrading our Remote Monitoring (RM) system, which brings a host of new features and functionality to our Remote Support service. 

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  • Attention: Microsoft recall Surface Pro power cords

    Microsoft have announced the recall of AC power cords from Microsoft Surface Pro, Microsoft Surface Pro 2, and Microsoft Surface Pro 3 devices sold before 15th July 2015.

    For more information please visit the Microsoft website by Clicking Here.

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  • Technical Trends For 2016

    At Blue Logic, we’re as excited about new products and technology as you are!

    Technology predictions for 2016 indicate that innovation and development in the computing world will serve as a foundation for a truly ‘smarter’ future. Virtual reality, artificial intelligence and smart cars will move to the main stage in 2016, as hardware and Cloud technology starts to adapt to multi-functional computing. 

    Virtual Reality

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