Cloud Disaster Recovery Services

Be prepared for when disaster happens with Cloud Disaster Recovery services from Blue Logic.

Cloud Disaster Recovery (DR) Services provide an extra layer of data security, resilience and protection for your business to ensure continuity and minimise downtime when an incident occurs. From planning to managing your tailored recovery, we provide a number of cloud based Disaster Recovery Services to ensure a fast and full recovery for your business.

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The Blue Logic approach:

  • Tailored solutions
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Dedicated support team
  • Consultative approach

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Our Cloud Disaster Recovery Services

  • DR Planning

    We will create a disaster recovery plan tailored to your business that outlines how your data would be recovered, identifies recovery time objectives (RTOs), critical data and applications. We will test your plan on a regular basis so that we can accurately meet your RTOs.

    With Blue Logic, our IT specialists will create an integrated strategy between your in-house systems and the Cloud to maximise synergy between you and the Cloud.

  • Local Data Recovery

    One of the Cloud based DR approaches that we can deliver for your business is using Cloud backup and local recovery. In this approach your data and applications remain on your on-premise servers but Cloud resources are leveraged to backup your data.

    If a disaster occurs, we will restore your data to your on-premise infrastructure or restore the data on discs to be sent to you for a local recovery.

  • Cloud Restore

    In this approach rather than restore data to on-premise servers we will restore the data on virtual machines in the Cloud which can be scheduled as a disaster happens or can be pre-staged.

    We can also replicate servers in the Cloud and provide your employees access to critical data and applications meaning you can operate with minimal downtime.

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Cloud based Disaster Recovery provides businesses with a more cost effective solution to backup and data recovery. Our Cloud Disaster Recovery Service provides you with advanced capabilities without the substantial investment of purchasing new hardware.

The Blue Logic Difference

  • Consultative Partnership Approach
  • Pool of IT Expertise
  • Tailored Solutions
  • Proactive Remote Monitoring
  • Dedicated Support Team

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