IT Support for Schools

With daily ICT lessons for hundreds or even thousands of children, IT support in schools is a serious task. Every lesson counts towards a child’s development, so any downtime is going to be disruptive to a child’s learning. That’s why schools need fast, reliable and experienced IT support technicians to keep their IT systems running smoothly.

Blue Logic understands that ICT teachers want to focus on teaching children, not fixing IT issues. Blue Logic are specialists in both on-site and remote IT Support. When you call our helpdesk we will quickly establish whether the issue can be fixed remotely, or if an engineer will need to be sent out. 97% of all calls are dealt with on the first call, and if an engineer needs to visit your site they will be there sharpish.

Call us today to find out how we can deliver first class support to your school.

Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE)

Each and every school and college in England will need to comply with the new KCSiE statutory guidance and as a result fresh expectation is placed upon those responsible for safeguarding, who, with no additional financial support from Government, will now need to demonstrate much more rigour around online safety policy in order to keep children safe and to pass future inspections.

Decisions also need to made around what level of web filtering and monitoring is 'appropriate' for each educational setting. This  will depend upon a number of factors including the assessment of risk, budget and ICT expertise. The SonicWALL/ Fastvue solution detailed above places flexibility and control back into the hands of those responsible for online safeguarding. This results in a key cornerstone of the online safeguarding policy being delivered that provides compliance with KCSIE (depending upon needs/risk) and most importantly a safe online learning environment for children and young people.

IT Installations for Schools

Blue Logic don’t just provide IT support, we also have a team of highly trained engineers who perform IT system installations of all sizes. We will consult with you, find out what your needs are and work with you to deliver the correct IT system for you. We have decades of experience in the IT industry so can trust our advice.

When installing a new ICT classroom there are many considerations to think about. The keyboards and mice must be tough enough to withstand the use of many teenagers; the hardware must be future proof while also being cost effective and it’s also important to have accessible computers for children with disabilities. These considerations and more will all be taken into account when we work with you to create a brand new ICT classroom.

If you are planning on installing a new ICT classroom or need more details on KCSiE then speak to us today to see how we can work together to deliver your project on time and on budget. Call our experts on 0333 200 5950 or complete an enquiry form and we will be in touch.

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