Managed IT Services

Managed IT services designed to improve the efficiency, productivity and longevity of IT systems for businesses.

Blue Logic deliver tailored managed IT services that help to enhance your business efficiency. Whether you are looking to completely outsource management of your IT infrastructure, looking for a partner to act as an escalation point for your in-house IT team or looking to improve the performance of a specific area of your IT systems we have it covered.

We have a large resource of in-house expertise in cyber security, networks, email, cloud, data and backup meaning that we can meet your requirements. Contact Blue Logic today and speak to an expert.

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Our Managed IT Services

At Blue Logic, we provide a wide variety of Managed IT Services to enable businesses to maximise the potential of their IT, helping them to lower costs and increase productivity.

  • Blue Logic Service Delivery Management

    Service Delivery Management

    Our IT service delivery management (SDM) service means you have a dedicated IT consultant to guide strategy, manage budgets, delivery monthly reviews and make recommendations system enhancement.

  • Blue Logic Fully Managed IT

    Fully Managed IT

    Our fully managed IT service involves completely outsourcing your IT to maximise performance, reduce capital expenditure and have a strategic blueprint for your IT infrastructure.

  • Blue Logic Managed Network Services

    Managed Network Services

    At Blue Logic, we will work with you to ensure you’re getting the most out of your IT infrastructure, from cabling and WiFi to monitoring and protection, increasing your business efficiency with our Managed Network Services.

  • Managed Infrastructure

    Managed Infrastructure

    Relieve internal pressures and save money by having Blue Logic manage your company's IT infrastructure. From security to strategy we can help you maximise the potential of your IT systems.

  • Managed Data Services

    Managed Data Services

    We will help to take the burden out of managing your business critical data as well as create a roadmap to enable your data management to scale as you do with our Managed Data Services.

  • IT Strategy

    IT Strategy

    At Blue Logic we work in partnership with key business stakeholders, analyse business practices and understand long-term business objectives to create an IT strategy that ensures your infrastructure operates efficiently now and scales as you grow.

  • IT Project Delivery

    IT Project Delivery

    End to end managed IT project delivery from Blue Logic helps to streamline efficiency, reduce costs and meet deadlines to ensure IT project success.

  • IT Consultancy Services

    IT Consultancy Services

    Operating as a partner, our IT consultants get to know your business and identify areas that will make significant improvements to the efficiency of your IT systems and ensure you see a return on your IT investment.

The Blue Logic Difference

Our personal approach to IT means that we develop an understanding of your business’ IT systems and requirements so that you get the solution that works best for you. We deliver flexible and tailored solutions to all our customers to ensure that their systems deliver ROI, whether you are looking to reduce costs, improve system performance or enhance service delivery.

Benefits of Managed IT Services

Pool of IT expertise – Hiring and managing an internal IT team can be expensive and time consuming. By choosing Managed IT services from Blue Logic you gain instant access to our wide pool of IT expertise without additional investment.

Manageable Costs – Our Managed IT Services reduce your capital expenditure by alleviating the need to invest in additional resources for your IT team. We have various payment methods to make your IT costs more manageable.

Focus on your own business – By having Blue Logic manage your IT, we remove the time firefighting and managing your internal systems meaning you can focus on the more important things.

Future roadmap – As well as manage your IT we can also consult you and provide you with a blueprint for the future of your IT to ensure your systems provide longevity.

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