IT Consultancy Services

Blue Logic IT Consultancy Services provide you with a clear roadmap for your IT infrastructure that will enable you to achieve your long term business objectives. 

Operating as a partner, our IT consultants get to know your business and identify areas that will make significant improvements to the efficiency of your IT systems and ensure you see a return on your IT investment.

Our professional consultants can provide guidance on IT strategy, technology adoption, IT budgeting, contingency planning, risk management and compliance. We are strategically placed with expertise in cyber-security, cloud computing, disaster recovery, storage, availability and the latest technologies to ensure you are advised by a specialist.

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Features of our IT Consultancy:

  • Guidance on IT strategy
  • IT budgeting
  • Contingency planning
  • Risk management & compliance

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Our Consultancy Services

  • Technology Adoption

    Our consultants will undertake an assessment of your business including departmental analysis to identify areas of improvement and make recommendations on the technologies that can increase operational efficiency and make you more competitive.

  • IT Strategy

    The time consuming nature of managing internal IT systems can often mean that planning for the future is overlooked. Working in partnership with you, we will analyse your current IT environment, identify quick wins and outline a long-term strategy to ensure your infrastructure scales as you grow.

  • IT Budgeting

    We can advise you on IT budgeting, prioritising areas of expenditure and identify areas where cost savings can be made to help you maximise your investment.

  • Policy & Process Development 

    We can help you to create processes, policies and procedures that will streamline adoption of new technology and provide the necessary security safeguards for your business.

  • Business Continuity Planning

    Our specialists will implement a tailored disaster recovery plan that minimises downtime and ensures your critical data is backed up so that you can stay operational if the worst happens.

  • Compliance

    Each sector has its own unique compliance requirements. Blue Logic will work with you to ensure that you comply with necessary legal regulations. In an age of decentralised data storage and the proliferation of mobile devices, we help advise you through the process. 

  • Infrastructure Audit

    We will undertake a minimum two day audit to understand your systems, business operations and current infrastructure.

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Why Blue Logic

Access to pool of IT Expertise

With Blue Logic you benefit from having access to wide range of IT expertise meaning that you are advised by a specialist, whether it be how to leverage the cloud or data security,

Maximise Uptime

Downtime can be extremely costly for businesses in both expense and reputation. We will put a process in place to ensure maximise uptime for your business.

Scalable IT infrastructure

Our consultants will put a blueprint in place for your IT infrastructure to ensure it scales to meet your long-term business objectives.

Contact our team today on 0333 200 59 50 to discuss your requirements and begin your IT transformation.