Business Continuity Services

Reduce damaging your reputation and save time with Blue Logic’s Business Continuity Services.

Your IT infrastructure underpins the framework of your company, which is why it is essential to have a plan in place in case of a disaster. Even the smallest of incidents can be a costly expense to correct, which can result in lost efforts and a damaged reputation.

At Blue Logic we can provide you with peace of mind that, in the worst-case scenario, you can still keep your business running smoothly. Working alongside our experts, we put together a tailored Business Continuity Plan that prevents downtime and damage to your organisation. 

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A Blue Logic Business Continuity Plan

  • Roles, Responsibilities, Training and Documentation

    Before we start to set up a plan, we make sure everyone is clear on who is internally responsible and what roles and training need to be put in place within the documentation. 

  • Connectivity and Communication

    Communication is paramount in the event of disaster. We work closely with you to minimise the risk of downtime, whilst informing you of any issues that arise

  • System Monitoring, Management and Maintenance

    Prevention is key. We review what systems and services you have and make recommendations on how you could further benefit in order to minimise downtime and maintain business effectiveness. 

  • Data and Hardware

    Data comes in all forms, from emails to databases. By understanding what parts are crucial to your infrastructure we embed services such as Disaster Recovery into your plan. 

  • Equipment and 3rd Party Services

    Our team work alongside you to analyse the equipment you currently use and identify other 3rd party services you rely on and understand how they will  respond in the event of a disaster. 

  • Trials, Testing and Review

    Customer satisfaction is something we pride ourselves on. By providing you with trials testing and reviews, we’re certain that you’ll be happy with the service we provide, before we deliver it. 

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The Blue Logic Difference

  • Dedicated IT Partner with years of experience in Business Continuity
  • Tailored solution to ensure you get the right solution for your business
  • Pool of IT expertise to deliver you the very best solution