Cyber Essentials

Demonstrate your commitment to safeguarding data by becoming Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited with Blue Logic.

Cyber Essentials is the government and industry backed scheme for protection against the growing threat of cyber-attacks. As the new government standard for cyber-security, Cyber Essentials accreditation is now a pre-requisite for any company looking to attain a government contract.

Our experienced team of security experts provide analysis, auditing and consultation services that help to guide your business throughout the process of certification.

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Why get Cyber Essentials accredited?

  • Competitive advantage
  • Keep your company finances safe
  • Protect your company reputation
  • Safeguard data

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Benefits of becoming Cyber Essentials accredited

  • Competitive advantage for future contracts

    Demonstrating your commitment to security with Cyber Essentials accreditation gives you a competitive advantage over other businesses, raising your chances of winning new contracts in both the public and private sectors.

  • Safeguarded against reputational damage

    Implementing measures to secure your business means you avoid the negative publicity and damage to your reputation associated with a breach.

  • Protected business profits

    Becoming accredited will help to keep your company’s finances safe.

  • Peace of mind

    You can focus on other key business areas knowing that your company has measures in place to protect against cyber threats.

  • Requirement for government contracts

     It is now become part of the mandate for any public sector work to be Cyber Essentials accredited.

  • Business critical data secured

    Cyber Essentials accreditation means that your most important and valuable data is protected from cyber criminals.

Become Cyber Essentials Accredited Today

How we can help


We will audit your network and security infrastructure to make sure you are compliant with the requirements outlined in the cyber-security scheme. We will also help to manage the assessment and verification process for becoming Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited.


Our experienced and accredited security professionals will consult and advise you on the technologies and solutions needed to ensure you adhere to the criteria.

Contact Blue Logic today to start the process to becoming Cyber Essentials accredited, call us today on 0333 200 59 50.