IT Asset Management Services

Ensure your IT environment supports your objectives with Blue Logic’s IT Asset Management Services.

Your company assets come in all shapes and sizes but are all important in one way or another. Managing these is a time-consuming task, especially when it comes to renewing licenses and replacing old hardware. 

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Blue Logic’s IT Asset Management Services

  • Inventory Management

    Setting up a stock check can be a timely task but the impact it can have on staff efficiency and business continuity is priceless. Our dedicated team will create a full stock check of everything in your network, from phones to servers, giving you comprehensive visibility over everything in your company. This detailed database will also provide you with information regarding the lifecycle of your assets and by partnering with leading providers, we can restore and replace hardware to ensure productivity levels remain high.

  • License Monitoring

    By monitoring your software and recording license expiration dates, we automate your process to ensure your employees are using up-to-date and legal versions. Our engineers will also ensure your software is the right fit for your company and recommend any other solutions that are more cost-effective and business efficient. 

  • Report Customisation

    One of Blue Logic’s unique business features is our understanding that every company is different, meaning every service we offer is tailored to suit your needs. We generate reports that give internal departments information they may need for their day-to-day tasks, such as informing the finance department when software needs renewing. Not only does this save internal team’s time but means you’re getting the most out of your IT assets. 

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Scalable Solutions

At Blue Logic we can provide you with an IT Asset Management service that leaves us to deal with the behind the scenes work and you to focus on what’s important. Our IT Asset Management Solutions can be designed specifically to fit your business requirements. By determining the value of your assets we  will examine and measure these against your current performance, objectives and future plans to ensure your assets are the right fit for your business. 

Blue Logic's solutions will help you recover the IT overhead from manual audits, seek out significant reductions in your software license spending and mitigate the risk of non-compliance. We will help you seamlessly track and manage your IT investments from purchase though to retirement, allowing you to abandon costly, manual audits and inaccurate Excel spreadsheets. We offer accurate, flexible and intuitive IT asset reporting.

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