IT Security Training

Implement a security aware culture throughout your business with Blue Logic’s IT Security Training.

You can invest all the time and money in the world into technologically protecting your company from security breaches but without educating your employees, your efforts are wasted. User error is one of the main causes of network infringement, due to staff members lacking the knowledge to recognise security threats.

By underestimating the importance of educating staff members, you’re putting the most important parts of your company at risk. Simply putting policies in place doesn’t give employees the information they need to make sure they stay protected when browsing the internet, downloading files and opening emails.

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Blue Logic’s IT Security Training features:

  • Courses are tailored to your business
  • Led by industry experts
  • Engaging training workshops 

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Benefits of Blue Logic’s IT Security Training

  • Expert Insights

    Not only are our staff knowledgeable in a host of different sectors but are constantly learning to ensure their understanding of cyber security is up-to-date and relevant to the changing IT infrastructure. 

  • Professional Partnership

    We will work in partnership with you to deliver a range of different training sessions and promise to keep you informed of any regulations that may impact your business. 

  • Round the Clock Support

    Implementing a cyber aware culture in your organisation is a great defence mechanism but that doesn’t mean accidents don’t happen. At Blue Logic, we have a dedicated support team that proactively monitors your computer systems to prevent business disruption. 

  • Cost Effective

    One big bonus of our IT Security Training service is that it saves you time and money. By investing in changing and educating attitudes towards cyber-security, you are guaranteed to minimise risks and threats your business may pose in the event of an attempted cyber-attack.  

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Why Blue Logic?

With Blue Logic’s IT Security Training, you can rest assured that cyber security is instilled throughout the different departments in your organisation, from the directors to the executives.

Depending on your sector and requirements, our security training can be carried out at our base in Leeds or at your offices. Here at Blue Logic we assess your requirements first and then are flexible enough to create tailored training that will be beneficial to your staff and business.

You can rest assured all attendees are in safe hands and will come away feeling confident that they can recognise and take correct action against imposing cyber threats. The aim of our training courses is not only to be informative but engaging and interactive, keeping them current with any topical issues and ensuring everything your employees learn is important for your business.

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