Penetration Testing Services

Find vulnerabilities and ensure your systems are breach resistant with Penetration Testing Services from Blue Logic.

With the rapid rise and heightened publicity of cyber-security breaches, companies need to make sure they have the proper safeguards in place or risk both financial and reputational damages. Our Penetration Testing Services identify weaknesses in your security defences and give you actionable recommendations for improvements that will protect you against a cyber-attack.

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Why you need Penetration Testing Services

  • Heightened risk of cyber-attacks

    The proliferation of cyber-attacks leave a trail of alarming statistics. With a 38% increase in the number of cyber-crimes reported in the last year it is now imperative for businesses to safeguard their investments.

  • Meet regulatory requirements

    There are a number of regulatory requirements that companies need to abide with including FCA, PCI, DSS, HMG and ISO 27001. This is only set to increase with new EU regulations coming into place in 2017.

  • Protection from risk of financial and reputation damages

    The cost of a breach for businesses has doubled since 2013 and on average the cost of a cyber-attack for a large company is between £1.46m - £3.14m. For an SME it is between £75k - £311k. Damages are not only financial however, companies risk reputational damages that can be even more difficult to repair.  

  • Compliance protection

    Data breaches can result in legal action as a result of a failure to protect customer data and be compliant.

  • Evidence of safeguarded data

    Have peace of mind at knowing your infrastructure is rigid and secure.

Our Penetration Testing Services

A Penetration Test from Blue Logic is designed to replicate the behaviour of a real cyber-attack and will attempt to breach your system defences.  Our team are security experts and certified ethical hackers  who will run tests against the following areas:

  • External Network
  • Internal Network
  • Mobile  and Web Applications
  • Wireless Network
  • Firewall
  • Virtual Private Networks and Cloud Deployments

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