CCTV Installation

CCTV has been used as a common security fixture in offices, shops, pubs, car parks and other public places for many years. Now, thanks to advances in technology, falling prices and faster installation means Blue Logic can provide CCTV systems without breaking the bank.

By installing a CCTV system you are likely to not only deter potential security breaches but it can also help to reduce your businesses insurance premiums.

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Blue Logic CCTV Installation

  • CCTV

    Blue Logic can now install CCTV systems that not only let you check images within the comfort of your home but also remotely over the internet using a home PC or smart phone. Other options available allow you to set up the system to send an email or text notification when any of your cameras are activated which means you can be sure that your building is as secure as possible.

    The CCTV systems that the Blue Logic team install are of the highest quality and allow you to spend time away from your business with a minimum amount of stress. 

  • Privacy

    If you’re thinking of getting a business CCTV system for outside your office, you must now comply with privacy laws. This means making sure that your cameras aren’t pointed at public space or other peoples’ property. It is therefore a good idea to discuss any CCTV plans with a professional installer first.

    Crime can happen to any business. That is why preparation is key. CCTV is just one line of defence and should be combined with other security measures such as adequate door and window locks, PIR security lighting and an intruder alarm system to the latest standards.

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As the Blue Logic team don’t have a preferred supplier they can get the best products to suit your businesses requirements. From the latest in CCTV to traditional cameras, the products we use are some of the most reliable. 

Blue Logic would be pleased to provide you with a no obligation quotation for CCTV supply and installation. To get in touch call 0333 200 59 50 or complete a contact form and we will get in touch.