ACT! is the number one best selling Contact and Customer Manager, trusted by individuals, small businesses and sales teams for over 25 years.

ACT! is more powerful than email systems and spreadsheets but easier to use. It is faster to get up and running and less costly than a CRM solution. ACT! enables you to simplify the management and provide you with the necessary indepth knowledge relevant to your business.

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Why Blue Logic?

  • Specialist ACT! consultants
  • Cost effective
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What ACT! means for your business

  • Keeps your customer relationship details

    Phone numbers, emails, conversation notes, meeting and activity history, documents, social media profiles and more, all in one organised place giving you superior access to your information.

  • Gives you a complete overview of the people you do business with

    Empowering you to develop long-lasting, profitable relationships, creating brand loyalty so existing customers keep coming back and new customer referrals keep coming in.

  • You can also take the guesswork out of knowing where to prioritise your time based on data-driven customer intelligence 

    With the ability to quickly perform actions all at once, freeing up your time with use of mass emailing and schedules. 

  • With automated tasks to drive sales and enhance relationships

    This saves you precious time for your business and increase your efficiency.

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How we can assist you with ACT!

Blue Logic have fully accredited ACT! consultants who can help you implement the ACT! range and provide you with the vital information you need for you business.

To speak to one of our ACT! experts today, call us on 0333 200 59 50 or complete a contact form and one of our experts will get in touch.