ACT! E-Marketing

ACT! E-Marketing is a cloud-based email marketing service enabling you to execute sophisticated campaigns.

This helps you to capture leads with web forms on your website, nurture those prospects automatically with Drip Marketing plans and identify your hottest leads using a ranked call list, displaying your most interested prospects. ​E-marketing for ACT! works in conjunction with Swiftpage™.

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Why Blue Logic?

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Why E-Marketing can benefit your business

  • Make email campaigns easier for you

    Emails are easy to create, send and track as well as cost efficient and proven to drive sales. With ACT! E-Marketing you can design branded messages from scratch and import or edit existing templates using an online editior. This enables you to regularly communicate with customers and prospects at any time in large numbers with ACT! E-marketing, rather than using your standard email provider. 

  • Qualify your sales leads

    By using ACT! E-Marketing you can help your sales staff focus on the hottest leads and understand who opens your emails. Track who is clicking on links, taking the attention away from cold leads. This means hot leads can be focused on.

  • Gain more information about your customers

    Surveys can be used to better understand your customers. Collect contact interests, customer satisfaction, phone numbers, email addresses and event registrations. You can link from inside an email to a list updater survey, asking your customers to add their information. This can be used to create campaigns most relevant to your customer.

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Blue Logic can offer you a certified ACT! consultant that can guide you with any help you may need, from training and support, through to consultation and implementation.

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