ACT! Hosted

ACT! Hosted is the web interface of ACT! Premium. It enables you to access work from anywhere in the world, on any mobile device, if you have web access available. However, an offline option is also available for when you have no web access.

ACT! Hosted allows you to manage sales activity and scheduling features, organise and prioritise information and personalise your software with customisation tools, all whilst away from the office! With just one simple installation on an internal server, users can access live data on ACT! Hosted from wherever they are, while keeping confidential customer information secure. 

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Benefits of ACT! Hosted include

  • Gain access to live contact details, anywhere in the world through a web browser 

  • No client installation for fast and easy roll-out

  • No synchronisation required for remote users 

  • No need for remote users to carry local copies of the database

  • Your contact database remains securely behind your firewall 

  • Your database is centrally managed and administered from your offices 

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How ACT! Hosted can aid your business:

  • Track your opportunities through sales cycle with the graphical sales pipeline report
  • Set your alarms to be reminded of important events and automatically provide you with notifications to help avoid scheduling conflicts
  • Pre-defined reports to meet your specific needs are listed in one location making navigating and accessing simple
  • Provide a fully managed hosted solution within your own network


If you would like to learn more about how ACT! Hosted can benefit your business, contact one of our ACT! experts today on 0333 200 59 50.