ACT! Premium

ACT! Premium offers all the same benefits as ACT! Pro, plus many more exciting new features such as licencing for 10+ users, online access, enhanced security and team administration. 

ACT! is more powerful than email systems and spreadsheets, but easier to use, faster to get up and running, and less costly than a CRM solution. ACT! enables you to simplify the management and provide you with the necessary indepth knowledge relevant to your business.

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Key features of ACT! Premium

  • Seamless interaction with desktop and web-based productivity tools, and social media, e.g. Microsoft, Outlook, Gmail, LinkedIn and more 

  • Administration options let you set access rights for each specific user by date or time, assigned to either individual users or groups

  • Display effective marketing with the use of integrated E-marketing

  • 1 - 100+ users at any time and enhanced security settings

  • Group scheduling functionality plus Dashboards and Reporting with Team Views

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