Data Warehousing

Using Datalinx we can supply specialist barcoding systems that integrate into all levels of your Sage business software providing fully functional business process capabilities that complement and extend the depth and breadth of Sage functionality.

This can provide you with a significant increase in stock accuracy of up to 99.9% and help to deliver real-time knowledge of your product status with Sage.

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Datalinx are experts in barcoding systems that integrate into existing Sage business software

  • Warehouse Manager 200

    Warehouse Manager 200 provides real-time warehouse management using wireless handhelds. It is the most flexible warehouse and inventory management.

  • Warehouse Manager X3

    The Datalinx Warehouse Manager X3 application provides the Sage X3 user with the latest in warehouse management systems. 

  • Mobile Solutions

    Specially Designed for all levels of SageThe Datalinx Proof of Delivery system utilises the latest in handheld and tablet technology.

  • Warehouse Manager 500/1000

    Specially designed for Sage Line 500 and Sage 1000 Datalinx Warehouse Manager is one of the most flexible management systems available for Sage software.

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Blue Logic and Datalinx

Blue Logic have partnered with Datalinx to provide Sage customers with integrated warehouse management systems. This enables our customers to benefit from our experience and knowledge of delivering warehousing systems into a wide range of industries, with a development strategy which is solely Sage focussed. 

Blue Logic partners with Datalinx, the only Sage developer in the UK and Europe specialising in barcoding and warehouse management with Sage certified and accredited solutions. This means that we have a greater understanding of exactly how your Sage system works, including its configuration and modification. Our team of experts use this knowledge to ensure that your Sage barcoding and stock control products fully integrate and work in harmony with Sage software.

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