Sage 200 Installation

Installing Sage 200 can be a complicated and daunting job and you may feel like you have a million other things to worry about. We can help with installing Sage 200 to upgrading your infrastructure and even training your staff to get the most out of your solution.

With Blue Logic you don't have to worry. We can take care of all aspects involved with Sage 200, from consultation and implementation all the way through to support. We're there every step of the way to ensure you have a seamless and stress-free transition to Sage 200.  

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Why Blue Logic? 

  • Specialist Sage team
  • Pool of Expertise
  • Clear Communication
  • Cost-Effective

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At Blue Logic we cover all your needs:

  • To understand your business needs and make sure you get the best out of the bespoke Sage 200 suite the first step is an initial consultation 

  • We'll purchase the newest Sage 200 software for you, making sure the process is quick, simple and hassle-free 

  • Using our technical IT knowledge we will advise you on whether you need to upgrade your hardware to support Sage 200 

  • We'll install, maintain and support any new hardware that is needed 

  • Post installation we keep in contact to make sure everything is working as expected 

  • We also offer extensive training for Sage 200 so you can get all your staff up to speed with the new suite 

  • On-going Sage 200 support. We have Sage experts ready to answer your calls if you run into issues or need help with anything

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Our Sage 200 Installation Process consists of 9 elements to ensure that the project runs smoothly whilst causing as little disruption your business as possible. 

As Sage Business Partners, we have the expertise, experience and skills to deliver you with the best Sage 200 solution for your business.

Our expert Sage team works closely with our IT Support department, which means during your Sage 200 installation we have constant access to expert IT technicians, so you won’t have to deal with multiple companies to complete your transition. 

Blue Logic offer an all-in-one solution for your Sage 200 installation. Get in touch today to find out how we can help your business.