Sage 200 Integration

Unlike other Sage accounting products, Sage 200 is a completely bespoke solution that is tailored from day one to fit with how you conduct your business.

Based in Leeds, Sage Partners Blue Logic are experts in Sage 200 integration projects. We work with your existing data, accounts and IT departments to seamlessly merge the platform with your commercial infrastructure.

From warehouse management and Ecommerce through to managing 3rd party suppliers, marketing and process automation, Sage 200 provides a robust and fully customisable set of tools that work with 3rd party software across countries, cost centres, sites, departments and currencies.  

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Why Blue Logic?

  • Specialist Sage team
  • Pool of expertise
  • Clear communication
  • Cost-effective

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Sage 200 Integration Provides:

  • Invoice automation

  • Contact synchronisation across CRM platforms 

  • Import/export and push/pull data for use in 3rd party systems

  • Automate PO’s and notification of drop shipped items

  • Manage stock in Ecommerce systems 

  • Automate events and alerts based on configurable criteria 

  • Create dashboards 

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Required Hardware & Infrastructure

As a bespoke solution, a full Sage 200 integration solution may require additional hardware or IT infrastructure. Our service helps identify potential cost savings using existing equipment and ensures that your new installation is robust and able to handle the increased demand required by this powerful platform. Should new hardware or infrastructure be required then our team of experts can help source, install, configure and integrate any new equipment and ensure that any data exchanges are performed securely to minimise risk to your network.

Upgrading from Sage 50 or 100?

We take the pain out of migrating to Sage 200 from other versions of Sage with our Sage 200 integration service migrating all data into the new platform.

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