Sage 200 Manufacturing

With Sage 200 Manufacturing you can control almost every aspect of your operation.

From planning, materials and costs to tracking orders and collecting payments, Sage 200 Manufacturing helps businesses with both simple and complex processes to deliver a streamlined and efficient system. 

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With Sage 200 Manufacturing you can:

  • Deliver Products On Time

    With full visibility over your businesses entire operation you can improve control over your production process and meet your delivery deadlines. 

  • Keep Cash Flow Under Control

    With a centralised invoice, purchase, stock and delivery system you can ensure your business remains profitable and that there’s always cash available to pay the bills. 

  • Ensure Product Quality

    By tracking a products journey through your manufacturing process you retain full control over your quality control processes. 

  • Cut Timescales

    Automation makes invoicing, creating purchase orders, material requirements and planning recommendations simple. 

  • Track Deliveries

    Implement 2 and 3 way GRN matching to stay informed about your deliveries. 

  • Create Dashboards

    Sage 200 Manufacturing features Workspaces, a dashboard creation toolkit that enables you to build at a glance dashboards of your businesses most critical information.

  • Estimating

    Minimise the time spent creating estimates with Sage 200 Manufacturing’s Estimation module. Covering both one off and repeat purchases, the Estimation module integrates seamlessly with other Sage 200 modules allowing you to create work orders, BOM’s and sales orders from your estimates. With Estimation you can Create quotes for multiple batch sizes Create accurate estimates fast Convert estimates into work orders. 

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Sage 200 Manufacturing Modules

Sage 200 Manufacturing is enhanced through a module system that extends the functionality of the core application to deliver even more flexibility and impact within your organisation.

These modules include:

Bill of Materials

Irrespective of the number of components within your products Sage 200 Manufacturing’s BoM module helps you to easily create a hierarchical Bill of Materials.

With this vital module you can: Pre-empt material shortages; Use components sourced from multiple warehouses; Manage machine, labour and sub-contracted services; Use Operation Times to track the production process; Use Graphical Planner to schedule production; Track and manage complex costs; Automatically create purchase orders

MPS – Master Production Schedules

Putting you in control of production planning, the MPS module in Sage 200 Manufacturing gives you oversight of materials, labour and machine costs with automation of demand management.

  • Plan back to back ordering
  • Add unfulfilled sales to forecasts
  • Build estimates using the estimates module

MRP – Materials Requirement Planning

Recommending make or buy decisions the MRP module analyses stock projection and demand through BoM. Add this to an oversight of lead times, stock levels, work in progress, quantities, batching, locations and version control and the MRP module becomes an invaluable asset throughout the manufacturing process.

With MRP you can:

  • Automate purchase and work orders
  • Project stock
  • Manage with Sage 200’s Graphical Planner
  • Apply multi level tagging

Graphical Planner

With a graphical interface designed to make complex tasks simple, Sage 200 Manufacturing’s Graphical planner gives you the ability to:

  • Plan and model changes in production
  • Create flexible schedules
  • Identify resource issues early
  • View completed jobs

Works Order Processing

The Works Order Processing module uses BoM, Estimates and MRP to create picking lists, job sheets, route cards, operation cards and automate stock allocation.

With Works Order Processing you can:

  • Automatically create work orders from MRP
  • Minimise errors and improve operational efficiency
  • Compile single delivery notes from multiple sales orders

SFDC - Shop Floor Data Collection

Providing control over barcodes, route and operations data, SFDC solutions use barcode scanners to log jobs updating work orders automatically.

With Shop Floor Data Collection you can:

  • Log actual times against work orders
  • Analyse actual versus estimates
  • Print work in progress reports
  • Update job information on the shop floor

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