Sage 50 Accounts

Sage 50 Accounts is designed to help small and growing businesses manage their finances (accounts, customers and suppliers) and is an important part of the Sage 50 Suite. With tools that help you manage everything from cash flow and VAT returns (including online) to year-end accounts and customers and suppliers.


Key features of Sage 50 Accounts

Cash flow 

See how much you’re making, what’s due, what payments you need to make and what’s already been banked - you'll have complete visibility of your cash flow.

VAT returns  

Fully accredited by HM Revenue & Customs so you can prepare and submit VAT returns online, quicker and easier than ever before.

Customers and suppliers

Match your customer and supplier information to quotes, invoices and communications, including details of deposits, discounts and credit.


Work with SagePay to transfer card payment details to your accounts, without delay.


Gain immediate insight into your business with instant detailed facts and figures that can help you make more informed business decisions.

What’s new in Sage 50 Accounts v2015?

Sage have heavily invested in this new version and have improved the usability, functionality and flexibility of the accounting software that will certainly transform the way you currently work. Sage 50 v2015 is now the best of both worlds; with benefits of a stable, reliable desktop software and with the choice to link data in the cloud, giving you greater flexibility. The key features of Sage 50 v2015 include:

  • Multi-user networks - up to concurrent 20 users, without affecting speed or performance (double that of previous version’s capabilities)
  • Increased speed and productivity - complete day-to-day tasks within half the time
  • Improve efficiency - A tailored screen to view information and tasks, configured to increase proficiency
  • Advanced data storage - automatic data backup and significant reduction in data corruption
  • Real-time access, anywhere - linking with the cloud to easily share data with other users out of the office
  • Larger volumes of transactions - up to 1.5 million transactions with no delays or limitations

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