The VMware product suite is based around vSphere server which is scaled out to meet the demands of the infrastructure. VMware's vCentre server is used to manage these vSphere servers allowing multiple servers to be joined to form a cluster.  vCentre is designed to run on a Windows Server and allows the administrator to control VMware technologies such as vMotion, High Availability, Fault Tolerance and Distributed Resource Scheduler. These technologies allow virtual servers to be dynamically moved between vSphere hosts either to avoid performance issues or to ensure business continuity.

VMware vSphere servers can run virtual servers running Microsoft Operating systems from Windows 2000 Server through to the current Server 2008 R2 and many versions of the leading Linux operating systems. A large number of virtual appliances are also available for vSphere. These appliances can replaced the traditional rack mounted physical appliances.

For small to medium enterprises VMware offers the Essential Licensing model allowing 3 vSphere servers to be managed under an essentials version of vCentre server. For Larger businesses VMware standard and Enterprise licensing with full vCentre provides a highly scalable and dynamic virtualisation platform.

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