Are Dynamic Networks the Future of Your Business?

High Speed
Many businesses rely on outdated Ethernet or Wireless Network technologies, and have critical components within the infrastructure such as printers and network storage, that are incapable of making the best use of a high speed, dynamic network infrastructure. Just a few pieces of legacy equipment can add minutes to small tasks that, when viewed over a day and across multiple users, can mean a significant loss in productivity for your organisation.

Truly dynamic networks make use of the latest Cat 7, Fibre optic cable networks and type 802.11AC wireless network technologies. They deliver the highest data transmission speeds across greater distances on a wide range of devices, from mobile phones and tablets through to servers, printers and other business critical applications that run over high speed internet connections. This frees up precious time and makes every member of your business more efficient.

Dynamic networks should be scalable, allowing for new hardware to be added and removed seamlessly without affecting your productivity.

By taking advantage of high capacity switches, virtualised network architecture and the latest in Wireless access technologies, your new dynamic network will contract and expand as required throughout the day, and help improve productivity by removing their reliance on wired connections to the network and other devices.

Blue Logic’s dynamic networks are highly secure, making use of the latest in access-control, traffic shaping, prioritisation, and virus, spam and malware prevention.

Working within your network, your business team will be centrally protected from issues using the latest in firewall and security solutions, whilst guest access and Bring Your Own Device services enable temporary access to non-critical files, AV facilities and Internet applications. Secuity across the whole site will be delivered with minimal network risk.

Cost Effective
Upgrading your network infrastructure is proven to be a highly effective way of improving your businesses productivity. Installing a high speed dynamic network infrastructure today achieves a total saving of approximately 40%* less than a budget solution would cost over its total ownership.

Easy to Use
Dynamic networks should be 'plug and play;' allowing you to add new cabled hardware and wireless devices with full control over their ability to access information and connect to networked equipment.

Our cloud infrastructure solutions give you the ability to centrally manage many aspects of your network from almost any location. This provides you with ultimate flexibility, control and reporting from a simple control panel.

For more information on dynamic networks, security and control services contact Blue Logic today.

* article June 2013

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