Fibre Optic Cabling Installation

As the demand for data capacity and transmission distances increases the ability of copper cabling to meet these demands diminishes. Fibre optic cabling provides the solution to that problem, delivering lightning fast data transfer rates, with minimal decline over large transmission distances. Fibre optic cabling is ideal for businesses with large premises or multiple buildings.

At Blue Logic, we have specialist knowledge and expertise in implementing single and multi-mode fibre optic network infrastructures within a multitude of business sectors. With Blue Logic you benefit from a full end-to-end solution, including bespoke network design, installation and support.

Why Install Fibre Optic Cabling For Your Network?
There are numerous benefits of using fibre optic cabling as the backbone of your network infrastructure:

High Bandwidth – Fibre optic cabling has a substantially larger bandwidth than copper cabling meaning increased data rates. This is particularly prevalent when comparing Cat5/Cat6 cabling to fibre optic cabling. Cat 6A cabling has a maximum bandwidth of 600MHz whereas fibre optic cabling has a MHz of over 1000.

High Security – Fibre optic cabling is more secure than copper cabling due to the fact that fibre optic cable does not suffer from attenuation and therefore cannot be effectively tapped. This is in part due to fibre optic cabling being a dielectric.

Large Transmission Distances – Fibre optic cabling is ideal for businesses with large premises or with multiple buildings. This is because fibre optic cabling retains a significantly greater bandwidth over large distances than that of copper cabling.

No Electromagnetic Interference – Fibre optic cabling is immune to the effects of electromagnetic interference meaning that the cables are not impacted by degradation.

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Why Blue Logic Electrical?
We use the latest OTDR and Laser Fluke testing equipment, enabling us to diagnose and repair all faults quicker. Internally this means your network is backed up and running quicker too. Our proactive maintenance includes cleaning and re-polishing fibres using the latest Fujikura equipment.

There are other key features of our fibre optic provision:

  • 25 Year Warranty
  • Suitable for Internal & External Applications
  • 50/125 Multi-mode Fibre
  • Duct Grade Cabling
  • By choosing Blue Logic as your fibre optic network installer, you benefit from having a dedicated partner with over 20 years of industry experience and the expertise to advise you in all areas of networks, electrical and IT.

To discuss your Fibre Optic cabling project call 0333 200 5950.

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