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Officially a part of the Greater Manchester area, Bolton, which has a population of 140,000, is a large town in its own right. Bolton was an industrial revolution boom town and was a major influence in the cotton and textiles industry however this has now been largely replaced by service type industries such as call centres, electronics and IT companies.

Did you know? Manufacturing remains the key part industry sector making up a whopping 18% of the employment. 


Research suggests that many companies in Bolton are struggling with IT in one way or another, from computers and laptops slowing down, unreliable networks and server complications. Hiring an internal IT support team can be expensive and time consuming, and there is always the risk that when the problems cease they will have little to do.

In many cases using an external IT support company is not only cheaper but the service will be better too. Blue Logic have been specialists in IT support for many years, we have a wide range of expertise from IT helpdesks, server installations, business software, network cabling and even website design and development. Here at Blue Logic we have an extensive team of more than 60 people, so when we give advice you can trust that it is the best solution available for your business.

So if you are looking for IT support in Bolton then contact our team today on 0333 200 5950 and discover the prefect IT support solution for your business. 

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