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Once famed for its spa's and hotels, Harrogate has cleverly reinvented itself as a leading centre for commerce. The UK's 3rd largest conference centre hosts events that draw international visitors who make use of Harrogate's leisure infrastructure with hotel chains, restaurants and bars all benefiting from the influx of new business.

Already supplying Best Western Hotels, Harrogate Theatre, restaurants, and local businesses with IT support services, Blue Logic are available to help businesses in Harrogate, York and Bradford that wish to expand and improve their IT and software systems.

Working With Your In-House IT Support Department

In addition to delivering IT support for businesses in Harrogate, Blue Logic also provides services and expertise that support in-house teams.

You can gain additional expertise, a fresh perspective and support your existing IT technicians by contracting Blue Logic. Covering everything from network design, installation, software integration, virtualisation, servers, disaster recovery, procurement, systems management, IT support and reporting, you and your team will benefit from accessing a team of over 40 experts, each a specialist in their field.

Stabilise Multi-site Software and Systems

If your organisation relies on pushing and pulling information to and from remote sites, 3rd party systems or online providers, it is of critical importance that you have a fast and stable IT infrastructure along with reliable connectivity to support the operation of your daily business.

The Blue Logic IT support team help businesses with their data connectivity and centralised storage problems by identifying risk within your current IT infrastructure and designing systems and procedures that solve, circumvent or provide contingencies should 3rd party systems become a problem. From bespoke software development through to highly resilient connectivity, datacentre optimisation and cloud services, businesses in Harrogate will benefit from adding Blue Logic's expertise and experience to your current IT department's resources.

IT Support for Exhibitions and POS

Having your product demonstration fail mid-way through your presentation is frustrating and can damage your brand costing you valuable business.

Blue Logic helps exhibitors minimise this risk by providing a wide range of services designed to support temporary installations. From retail experiences through to exhibition stands, we can provide temporary dedicated broadband solutions, closed portable networks and IT installation and support services designed to work invisibly while you sell.

IT Upgrades and Infrastructure Optimisation

Harrogate is famous for its architecture and boasts some of Yorkshires most iconic buildings. Businesses operating within the town can become constrained by the physical limitations of the surrounding building and legacy infrastructure.

The Blue Logic team have considerable experience in helping businesses free up valuable space, expanding capacity and reducing costs through the creation of a more efficient network architecture and use of cloud services. By upgrading your network and interfacing with WiFi connections you can minimise the need for cabling and create a more versatile working environment. Moving systems to the Cloud reduces costs, creates stability and allows your business to quickly adapt to the changing needs of your customers.

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