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With a population of 2.2 million spanning 2,029 square kilometres (783 sq miles), West Yorkshire has a history of commercial success with textile production, heavier engineering industries such as a coal mining and more recently financial services and call centres generating over 31,995 million pounds of business* for the region.

Covering UK cities including Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield, businesses in West Yorkshire have become more technologically advanced over the years, relying on integrated computer systems and communication networks; giving organisations the ability to trade worldwide across some of the UK's most difficult terrain.

Based in Leeds, Blue Logic is one of West Yorkshire's leading IT support businesses. Our dedicated team of consultants, installers and IT support professionals specialise in helping local businesses maintain and develop versatile and cost-effective IT infrastructures, that not only tackles the day to day annoyances of modern computing but also helps businesses to plan and adapt with the changing environment of a global economy.

IT Helpdesk Services

Whether your computers won't start, are running slow or you're having a problem printing a document, even the smallest problem with your business's IT can have a disastrous effect, costing you time and more importantly money.

With over 50 highly qualified professionals, Blue Logic's IT support helpdesk provides a low cost, local, friendly and efficient team of experts that are able to immediately fix 96% of your IT problems over the phone and via remote access, while you wait.

High-Speed Business Broadband in Rural Areas

Although West Yorkshire was home to one of the UK's first high-speed fibre optic broadband providers, many rural areas are still hampered by slow broadband connections. This makes money-saving technologies that rely on broadband connectivity such as VoIP and Virtualisation, impractical.

Blue Logic is able to offer a wide range of solutions designed to improve your business's connectivity. Covering low-cost load balanced or bonded connectivity through to high-speed satellite, using WiMax and the latest 4G broadband connections, results in businesses based in West Yorkshire will enjoy high-speed internet connectivity unrestricted by geographical constraints.

IT Upgrades and Refurbishment

Towns and Cities in West Yorkshire enjoy some of the UK's greatest examples of historic architecture, however, whilst being beautiful buildings that are often in prime locations; these ageing structures often impede businesses that require a modern IT infrastructure.

Blue Logic provides a comprehensive infrastructure design, installation and IT support service for businesses in West Yorkshire. Making use of the latest fibre optic networks, WiFi, data centre and Cloud solutions, we will help your business free up space and increase capacity, improve IT stability and higher ROI through reduced IT support requirement.

Multi-site Networks

For many companies in West Yorkshire, growing your business often means creating new satellite offices throughout an increasing number of locations. This can result in inefficient and inconsistent IT infrastructure that costs you time and money to manage and maintain.

The Blue Logic team are experts in helping businesses with exactly this problem. Starting with a comprehensive multi-site IT audit, we will evolve your network, servers and IT appliances, integrating Virtualisation and Cloud services to bring uniformity and unparalleled flexibility that delivers unimpeded future expansion and growth for your business.

Backups and Disaster Recovery

The past decade has seen businesses in West Yorkshire being affected by a wide range of natural and economic disasters. From fires and flooding to power outages and theft, businesses must invest in solutions that enable immediate continuity of activity, should the worst happen.

Blue Logic's Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery service deliver a tailored solution covering everything from data backups and replacement hardware through to uninterruptable power supplies and safety lighting that help businesses continue trading until a more permanent solution is available.

Security Solutions

With the 4th highest crime rate in the UK**, businesses in West Yorkshire highlight company-wide safety and security as a primary issue affecting business continuity.

In addition to providing IT support and system for businesses in West Yorkshire, the Blue Logic team also delivers a wide range of solutions that help ensure the safety of your business. Covering everything from CCTV and door entry systems that protect your property to business antivirus and network monitoring that safeguards the integrity of your data, our comprehensive range of tailored services safeguard both your staff and property.

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* Source Wikipedia.
** Source The Guardian
Image by SFB579 Via Flickr

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