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Business users who are experiencing technical difficulties with desktop PC's, laptops, servers and other devices can subscribe to Blue Logic's computer repair and IT support services.

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Why not try some of our recommended computer repair techniques* below:

Turning your computer on and off again

Nine times out of ten this simple action will repair most of your computer problems.

Installing the latest Windows Updates

New security updates and system patches improve your computers performance and repair security issues with your computer.

Running a virus checker

There are many free online virus checkers available that will repair some of the most common infections. Simply download one of these and scan your computer to find and repair many problems.

Running a malware checker

Like viruses, malware will slow your computer down. Simply download one of the many free malware checkers and scan your computer to find and repair faults.

Resetting your Internet browser's settings

If browsing the web is slow try resetting your browsers settings. This is a common function usually accessed from within the browser's About or Settings menu.

Cleaning your temporary files

There are free tools you can download and scan your computer for old temporary files. By freeing up valuable hard disk space you can improve the performance of your computer.

Turn of start-up items

Software that runs automatically when your system starts can significantly slow down your computer. Using CCleaner (mentioned above) you can delete or disable these programs which in turn will make your PC or laptop faster.

Uninstall all of the software you don't use

Uninstall and remove all of the left over files from software you no longer use. This frees up more hard disk space and will make your computer faster.

Scanning your hard disk for errors

In My Computer, right click on your C drive and select PROPERTIES » TOOLS » ERROR CHECKING. This will scan your hard disk for errors and in most cases will fix any that are found.

Roll back to a previously working state

If your PC or laptop was working and suddenly stopped performing adequately you may be able to roll back your System Settings to an older state. Simply select START » PROGRAM FILES » ACCESSORIES » SYSTEM TOOLS » SYSTEM RESTORE and pick a restore point from a date when you know your computer was working properly.

If after using these techniques your computer is still inoperable, slow or difficult to use and you are a business user, please contact the Blue Logic sales team on 0333 200 59 50 to discuss how we can help protect your business from future IT problems.

*. Despite the fact that the computer repair techniques listed here represent the most common methods of fixing a computer or laptop, Blue Logic accept no responsibility for any damage caused by these techniques and provide no guarantees as to their success.

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