End of Support for Windows Server 2003

Microsoft will soon end support for Windows Server 2003, and for companies who use this solution for the day to day operation of their business will be exposed to several risks if they don't upgrade within the approaching deadline.

End-of-Support for Windows Server 2003 means security patches and fixes will no longer be available, leaving your network exposed and vulnerable to security threats. Any outdated software could also create compliance issues within your business and any new software which comes out following this date maybe uncompatible with this OS.


Here at Blue Logic we recommend you start planning your migration onto your new platform now, if you haven't already. Delaying will only create additional expense, potential downtime and loss of productivity.

Now is the time to act! Changing from Windows Server 2003 now is vitally important if you want your business to thrive, but don't worry we're here to help!

If you would like more information on migrating from your current environment or simply want to ask a few more questions, then contact one of our experts today on 0333 200 5950 or...

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