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When searching for IT support companies how do you pick from the 1000's of providers out there? At first glance, many IT support companies appear to be offering a similar service however when you dig below the surface you might be surprised by just how different each provider's service is. By asking a series of questions you can quickly identify which IT support companies are worth your investment and narrow down your choices until you find one that fits your budget and requirements. To help you out we have put together the following top 5 questions for you, alongside what to look for in a response and how we'd respond:

Question One: When were you established?

What to look for: Look for a company that has been established for four years or more. These will have a set system of procedures which bring stability to their services. Avoid new start-ups when possible, these companies can be inexperienced and may deliver an inconsistent service when your business is experiencing difficulties.

Blue Logic's Answer: We were established in 2007, and having been providing support throughout Yorkshire, East Lancashire & Humberside, with plans of expanding further afield. The collective experience of the director's of Blue Logic makes up over 90 years' of working for and managing some of the UK's leading IT companies. 

Question Two: How big is your team?

What to look for: You need to be confident that throughout illnesses, holidays and unforeseen circumstances that there is ample staff with a sufficient level of experience available to deliver a consistent service for your business.

Blue Logic's Answer: Our team has grown year on year in line with our customer's requirements, and currently stands at over 50* full-time staff with 24 dedicated to providing IT support services. 

Question Three: Do you have any specialist skills?

What to look for: Even if it's for future reference it's handy to know if your IT support provider has a specialist skill you can capitalise upon. You never know when you'll need it.

Blue Logic's Answer: We're specialists and Official Partners with HP and Sage software, this allows us to deliver a wide range of hardware and software solutions that are designed to reduce your operational costs and increase productivity.

Question Four: How quick is your response?

What to look for: Whether your business is having major IT difficulties or you're having a minor printing problem, you need to be confident that your IT support company is going to move heaven and earth to get your IT systems back on track.

Blue Logic's Answer: Our first line support technicians answer calls immediately and are able to fix most problems directly by remotely accessing that affected systems. We also have out of office hours support available on request.

Question Five: What does it cost?

What to look for: Each of the IT support companies questioned will have a unique way of pricing up a contract. The main goal of this question is to try and get a comparable list of services on which to benchmark across your shortlist.

Blue Logic's Answer: We provide tailored and competitive prices for all IT solutions based on your individual business requirements. 


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