Server Monitoring

At Blue Logic we provide both on-site and remote server monitoring to ensure that your key piece of hardware stays up and running throughout the year.

Our server monitoring service allows you to work on other areas of the business without worrying about any issues with such an integral cog within your IT infrastructure.

We have a team of experts that log into your servers from the Blue Logic offices (remote monitoring) to ensure that it is working correctly and as efficiently as possible. By regularly monitoring the server we can ensure there are no underlying problems, therefore reducing overall maintenance costs and prolonging the time between server upgrades.

If our team of experts find any issues when using the server monitoring software they will be in contact to inform you of the plan of action to fix the problem, reducing if not nulling downtime.

For more information or to get a quote on our server monitoring services contact us today or call 0333 200 59 50.

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